Black Rock Fireproof Column’s outer shells provide a clean, smooth round, square and rectangular shapes (along with customized shapes and sizes) which are ideal for window wall construction in hospitals, schools, dormitories, cafeterias, shopping centers, and other areas where exposed columns are used. Our steel strength makes Black Rock columns the premier choice for parking garages, including garage doorways with added protective options. Structural WF, pipe, and HHS squares and rectangular shapes meet ASTM standards and all outer shells are coated with standard metal primer (unless specified otherwise) prior to shipping. SP-6 sandblasting and high-performance coatings are readily available and performed onsite by our factory professionals, if required.

Architects and engineers appreciate the strength, versatility and long-term reduced maintenance provided by Black Rock Fireproof Columns – especially our ability to change the shape and size of the outer shell. We always coordinate with the steel fabricators along with structural steel detailers to review complete details prior to beginning column fabrication to be sure all questions are answered and requirements are met.

Black Rock columns are fabricated to conform to Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. requirements, and each is rated for the inspection manifest and fire-retardant classification of 2, 3 and 4 hours. Additionally, bolted shop connections conform to the American Institute of Steel Construction code and welded field and shop connections conform to the American Welding Society code.

Black Rock Fireproof Column uses state-of-the-art cementitious mixing and pumping equipment along with local ready-mix providers for consistent concrete batches resulting in void-free columns and excellent quality control with a strength of 5,000 psi that is provided by local ready-mix plants. Black Rock pumps the vermiculite into the columns at its plant using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a void-free column – and to allow for quality control through factory testing.

Cost-savings features include:

  • Factory fireproofing (in-shop labor eliminates need for field labor to apply standard fireproofing)
  • Consistent quality by our in-shop factory professionals
  • Added durability and ruggedness unavailable with other forms of fireproofing, which eliminates maintenance costs and avoids long-term issues
  • Fast production times to keep erection schedule
  • Predictable scheduling as Black Rock Fireproof Columns are delivered to site complete and ready for erection
  • No trades other than steel erectors needed
  • Confidence of working with an AISC-certified structural fabricator

BlackRock assures on-time deliveries by maintaining our own trucking fleet of 15 tractors and 40 trailers. We also tap into our network of over-the-road trucking firms whenever needed to meet owner demands.