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Black Rock Prefabricated Fireproof Columns (Round Type OO)

Column Shape: Round Type OO Sizes

Rating – 2 Hour Rating – 3 Hour  Rating – 4 Hour
Core Size Available Shell Size Weight per foot
Available Shell Size Weight per foot
Available Shell Size Weight per foot
Pipe4SCH120 Pipe7SCH40 63.62 Pipe8SCH20 68.33 Pipe9SCH40 84.81
Pipe5SCH160 Pipe8SCH20 82.97 Pipe9SCH40 99.45 Pipe10SCH30 107.87
Pipe6SCH120 Pipe9SCH40 107.74 Pipe10SCH30 116.16 Pipe11SCH40 133.94
Pipe8SCH80 Pipe11SCH40 153.03 Pipe12SCH40 169.16 Pipe14SCH10 165.9
Pipe10SCH160 Pipe14SCH10 235.1 Pipe16SCH1 261 Pipe16SCH1 261
Pipe12SCH160 Pipe16SCH1 313.75 Pipe18SCH10 342.49 Pipe18SCH10 342.49
Pipe14SCH120 Pipe18SCH10 351.56 Pipe18SCH10 351.56 Pipe20SCH10 383.14
Pipe16SCH120 Pipe20SCH10 439.73 Pipe20SCH10 439.73 Pipe22SCH10 474.14
Pipe18SCH120 Pipe22SCH10 541.49 Pipe22SCH10 541.49 Pipe24SCH10 578.73
Pipe20SCH120 Pipe24SCH10 650.19 Pipe24SCH10 650.19 24.5X0.25 661.71
Pipe22SCH120 24.5X0.25 740.36 25.5X0.25 760.47 26.5X0.25 781.29
Pipe24SCH160 26.5X0.25 954.76 27.5X0.25 976.29 28.5X0.25 998.53

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The sizes in the chart to the left are only a small fraction of the number of sizes we offer. To see all sizes, please click the button below and fill out the form. Our complete sizing sheets will be sent to you via email and someone from our team will reach out to you shortly to answer any questions you may have.

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