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Glass Fireproof Column – ROI and Costs

When it comes to comparing the potential revenue from advertising that can be gained from utilizing our Glass Columns, we factor in the amount of capital invested in billboards and digital billboard advertisements. As an example, in Orlando Florida, advertising on physical billboards ranges from $800 to $4,500 while the digital ones where our product can be categorized have a range from $1,200 up to $3,500 both on a monthly basis. That is on average $2,500 of revenue per month, or $30,000 a year.

I know you’re thinking “Wait, Kyle, you are talking about billboards, I thought you were just selling ad space on columns, how do you compare the two?” I’m glad you asked! Here’s another example for you to consider. The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando has over 100 events annually, attracting 1.5 million people. Due to the high traffic, they rent their columns to businesses using a standard vinyl wrap in the main lobby. All four columns cost $5,000 each or $17,000 total for each event. They also have larger columns at the Exhibit hall that costs $11,000 each or $20,000 for two. If they had used glass columns, it would be just as easy to install and remove the advertising. While a glass column, with it’s backlighting would be much more attention-grabbing, allowing them to create an even larger buzz for their customers. The costs of the glass columns could be returned in weeks! By using Glass Fireproof columns, you will achieve the same, if not greater ROI.

If you were to use an HSS 10x10x1/2 @ 15’ Core member here is the breakdown for the costs: For a 2 HR – 12×12 steel shell with a 16×16 glass shell
o BRFC (Including studs & Standoffs) – $3,750
o Glass (8pcs @ 7.5’ tall)                         – $5,845
o LED’s                                                        – $4,050
Total               – $13,645

ROI based on the total price and compared to Billboards and Wrapped Venue Columns:

· Billboard @ $2,500 monthly / $13,645 = ROI 5 – 1/2 months
· Wrapped Venue Column @ $15,000 monthly / $13,645 = ROI 1 month!

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