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Glass Column Overview

Glass Fireproof Columns allows a variety of decorative options that includes marketing, branding, and other types of digital advertisements.

The new Glass Fireproof columns are decorative shells that serve as illuminated glass panels for structural columns. The column features tempered glass that can either be made clear or with print. LED lighting serves as the backlighting and typically a prefabricated fireproof column is at the core. The prefabricated fireproof column is composed of a steel core column, an outer steel shell, and fireproof insulating material to allow for a 2, 3 or 4 hour UL fire rating. To avoid damaging the glass and LEDs during construction, the structural column is installed at the beginning of the project with the rest of the structural steel. The column shell has the LED lighting brackets and glass hardware installed in the fabrication shop. The glass panels and LED lighting can be installed on-site at the end of the project just before completion.

One of the reasons why you would want clear glass panels is because of its customizable and interchangeable functionality. It can be made with a permanent digital print with ceramic inks on the glass panel, a process called Vision Ink. Or the glass can be made clean and utilize temporary vinyl wrap. The vinyl wrap can be attached on the 1st surface, where the print is on the front of the glass, which allows easier removal installation of new vinyl. Or the 2nd surface, where it is printed behind the glass and allows more durability.

The curved glass is available for two types of panel structures; it can come in a 3-panels system that has a 40″ minimum girth or in a 4-panel system that has 30″ minimum girth. Overall, the glass panel’s function is to add revenue to your structural columns. By attaching illuminated glass panels, advertisements and other kinds of information are easier to display and interchangeable.

Here are three examples of glass fireproof columns:

Glass column with face imageryGlass column with materials backgroundGlass column with city background

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